Wedding Trends for 2024

Are you getting married in 2024 and looking for some special tips? You are in the right place! As we dive into the future, explore the exciting trends for next year. Our team is ready to tell you everything!

Top wedding trends and ideas for 2024

Based on our experience and analysis of the wedding industry, we worked on an essential guide about top wedding trends and ideas for 2024. First of all, three main aspects to focus on: Destination weddings in Italy, sustainable ceremonies, and the bridal gown.

As for past years and trends, some aspects were predictable, but at the same time, something is a new WOW trend! Read more about it!

Destination weddings in Italy in 2024

Italy, and Tuscany in particular, is one of the most appreciated places to get married from abroad. The end of covid pandemic led couples to travel and live different experiences, such as destination weddings, and we expect this trend to continue to grow with time.

The couples that write to request from intimate elopements to large weddings with many guests, but everyone desires to give their beloved something unforgettable. In other words, more than a wedding. For this reason, we propose a real wedding experience to discover Italian art, culture, traditional food, and wine before and after the ceremony.

Sustainable wedding trends for 2024

Sustainability and environmental consciousness continue to grow, even in the wedding industry. The future brides and grooms look for natural and low environmental impact events.

For this reason, they request eco-friendly practices and activities for themselves and their guests. Starting from the wedding setup, and flower design to the catering choice couples want “green weddings”. Some tips? For example invitations with recycled paper, seasonal flowers, and greenery, and even local and organic food and wine.

Wedding dress trends for 2024

Two-piece gowns and natural fabrics for the bridal are two of the most appreciated wedding trends for 2024. In the first case, more and more brides prefer to mix and match tops and bottoms to create custom looks for the different moments of the wedding: ceremony, welcome cocktail, dinner reception, and late party!

At the same time, the brides look for natural and organic fabrics, such as precious silk, linen, and cotton. That is another way to choose sustainability.

Color trends for weddings in 2024

In 2024, everything will turn around bright and vivid color palettes, in other words, eye-catching hues. The absolute protagonist, in fact, will be corals, electric blues, and vivid yellows shades. The wedding setup, floral design, and mise en place will bring joy and great energy to the bride and groom and their guests.

But if you prefer something else, deep purple, icy and dusky blues are perfect solutions for details in wedding stationery, mise en place, and floral arrangements, too. Any other questions? Contact us! We are ready to plan your 2024 wedding!

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