Wedding weekend in Tuscany: how to plan your itinerary

Did you hear about the so-called wedding weekend, but you don’t know exactly what it is? Don’t worry. Let’s find out together!
The wedding weekend is a wedding that lasts several days and takes place throughout the entire weekend. It includes all the traditional elements of the wedding day, and much more.

How to plan a wedding weekend

According to our long experience, we have thought about a special guide for future brides that dream about a wedding weekend in Tuscany. Let’s start from the beginning. One of the most important aspects is fun for you and your guests.

That is why alongside the more traditional moments of the wedding, such as the ceremony and the reception, it is important to offer leisure and pleasure for all the guests. Such as real Tuscan experiences to discover the destination chosen for the wedding or, why not, a pool party.

How do you make a wedding weekend itinerary?

We love a multi-day wedding weekend full of activities, food and drinks, and filled with joy. For example, if you wish to organize a wedding weekend from 3 to 4 days, here is an activity-packed itinerary.

Day 1: Welcome party to greet all your guests in the wedding venues’ region;
Day 2: Activities such as cultural and art tours, tasting of traditional; food and wine, followed by the Rehearsal Dinner;
Day 3: Wedding ceremony, reception, and party;
Day 4: Brunch to thank your guests, or a recovery brunch.

Wedding weekend venues in Tuscany

One of the central aspects is the choice of the venue. For a wedding weekend, in particular, we recommend considering the possibility of choosing different venues for the event and managing the transfer of all guests.

Tuscany is certainly a destination that can offer perfect villas, hotels, castles, and ancient dwellings for hosting ceremonies of multi-days, ensuring a beautiful stay for you and your guests.

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