Destination wedding in Tuscany: with and without a wedding planner

Why should you rely on the help of a local wedding planner for your destination wedding in Tuscany? What happens when you decide to take care of venue, vendors, guests, timetables, expectations… on your own?

Destination wedding in Tuscany without a wedding planner

Tuscany is a popular wedding destination offering lots of wedding services. With no directions, no advice, no guidance, the main risk for a couple is to have a standard wedding day. What do we mean by “standard wedding”? No personalization and no creativity.

Couples are either too confused by the multitude of options or too anxious to make the right choices. We do understand these situations. As long-experienced wedding planners in Tuscany, we know how many professionals couples have to meet and negotiate with while planning their special day.

What about the wedding day? You and your partner will surely be overwhelmed by everything else to really pay attention to what the catering is doing or to check if the Dj is on time. Asking some of your relatives or friends to coordinate the operations is not the best solution because this person will not be able to fully participate and enjoy the event.

Even when couples do succeed in the planning of their dream wedding, there is a high risk of forgetting important details. For example, not providing guests and musicians any shelter from the hot sun during the ceremony or forgetting to check the technical needs of the band to do the show.

Destination wedding in Tuscany with a wedding planner

Let’s see how different things would be with the help of a local expert. First of all, weddings we care for are always tailor-made according to the personality, the interests, and the preferences of the bride and groom. We work with designers and artisans to create something unique, and mostly newly created, just for you.

Every detail of your wedding day will follow a specific concept, so everything contributes to create a perfect atmosphere. We are talking about the wedding dress, the floral compositions, the mise en place, the tableau, the invitations and much more.

Creativity and entertainment are both key elements for a successful wedding. A Tuscan wedding planner, someone local, can help you find the best entertainment and the best experiences to let yourselves and your guest entirely explore and appreciate the territory.

With an expert by your side, there is no need to worry about meeting and managing vendors on your own. You will be introduced to the top wedding professionals and supported when it comes to contracts and deals.

Destination wedding planner in Tuscany

Still having doubts about hiring a destination wedding planner in Tuscany? Do not hesitate to ask us further information, this is our main activity anyway: answering brides and grooms, providing them with the right solutions, making sure they are happy about all the wedding elements and details.

Our wedding planning team, based in Florence, is here to help you create the wedding day of your dreams. We are a local team of experts at your disposal!

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