How to set a budget for your wedding in Italy: a guide by the Blanc Weddings Team

Celebrating your wedding in Italy is a dream come true for many couples. With its stunning landscapes, historic cities, and delectable cuisine, Italy provides an enchanting and unforgettable backdrop. However, planning a wedding far from home calls for meticulous budget management to ensure every detail is perfect without overspending.

In this article, we share some essential tips on defining and managing your budget for a destination wedding in Italy, covering every aspect of the planning process.

Getting Started: define the total budget for your wedding in Italy

It may seem obvious, but the first essential step is defining a total budget for your wedding in Italy. Once established, start identifying all expected expenses such as location costs, which can vary based on the region and type of venue chosen. 

Also, account for the costs of photography, videography, audio, lights, flowers and decorations, which are crucial for a memorable event. Lastly, it’s important to include any management costs like permits and insurance.

Choosing the perfect venue: villas, castles, and resorts in Italy

Below is an overview of our favorite locations for destination weddings in Italy. Renaissance villas offer an atmosphere of elegance and exclusivity, ideal for those who wish to have their wedding in a unique and charming setting, such as Villa Gamberaia. The availability and costs of villas can vary widely depending on the region and the specific features of the villa itself.

For a more fairy-tale wedding, you might opt for a historic castle, like Castello di Celsa, that can offer breathtaking scenery along with all the comforts needed for a wedding, from lodging to catering. However, it is important to note that costs can vary significantly depending on the size of the castle and the services included.

Lastly, luxury resorts such as Castiglion del Bosco are among the most sought-after for destination weddings in Italy, as they offer a sophisticated atmosphere and all necessary comforts. They provide a complete solution, offering all required services such as accommodation, catering, and entertainment. Again, costs can vary based on the location, the type of wedding, and the number of guests

Travel and accommodation expenses: how to manage costs for guests and the couple

When planning a wedding in Italy, it is essential to consider travel and accommodation expenses for both you and your guests.

In the budget definition, remember to include the costs of flights and internal transfers. Offer diverse accommodation options for different price ranges and comfort levels, such as hotels and vacation rentals, to meet the needs and budgets of all guests. Finally, also consider local transport expenses to facilitate movement between airports, hotels, and the wedding venue, and negotiate group rates where possible.

Planning the details of your wedding in Italy: photography, flowers, and decorations

For the most romantic day of your life, the details will make a difference. Therefore, it is necessary to choose them carefully and evaluate all options that fit your budget. These should include flowers, photography, and decorations. For photography, we recommend choosing a local photographer experienced with destination weddings.
Regarding flowers, it’s always a good idea to collaborate with local florists to get impactful arrangements that align with your personal tastes and the season. Decorations should reflect the style and theme of the wedding: our expert wedding planners can suggest the best options for your wedding day.

Managing catering, entertainment, and extra costs

Among the aspects to consider in defining the budget for your wedding in Italy are catering, entertainment, and extra costs. Collaborating with local vendors for catering and entertainment can help control costs while maintaining high quality and ensuring a festive yet authentic atmosphere.
Additionally, it’s crucial to anticipate extra costs such as permits for the venue and insurance for the event, which may not be immediately apparent.

We know that planning a wedding from a distance can be very complicated, which is why our expert wedding planners can help you design every single detail, ensuring that every aspect is planned without compromising quality.
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