Italian countryside wedding: destinations and advice

Organizing an Italian countryside wedding means having the best of local food and wine, take advantage of a relaxing and enchanting panorama to use as backdrop, and spending your time in centuries-old hamlets and villas.

Italian countryside landscapes and atmosphere

The countryside landscapes are a real treasure of our country. Hills, vineyards, olive groves, woods… are natural and beautiful elements that are a perfect scenario for weddings and events.

Italy has a long tradition of agriculture and farming, today many farms and estates have opened and transformed their spaces into event venues, hotels, or luxury resorts. Italians love to spend the holidays in such relaxing and charming places! Here you can find excellent food and wine, mostly coming from the local countryside, a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and stunning architectures.

Italian countryside wedding destinations

If you are planning to have an Italian countryside wedding, you can choose from a lot of different destinations. Umbria, for example, is known as the “green heart” of Italy and offers breathtaking landscapes and venues. Not popular as Tuscany but still gorgeous, this small region is perfect for couples willing to explore new territories and beauties.

Apulia is another great option for countryside lovers. In the south of Italy, the countryside areas of this region are mainly close to the sea so you can have the best of both worlds. Apulian farmhouses are called “masseria” and we can suggest you some of the best ones in the territory.

Tuscan countryside wedding

The Tuscan countryside remains one of the most popular destinations for country-inspired weddings. Couples from all over the world choose Tuscany as their wedding destination because of its iconic look. The charm of villages, vineyards, art cities cross the borders of Italy and reach every country in the world.

We experienced countryside weddings pretty much all over Tuscany, but Chianti and Val d’Orcia are definitely the best areas for this kind of event. There is no lack of venues and panoramic views!

Get married in the Italian countryside

By getting married in the Italian countryside you’ll have the chance to spend your most special day in a magical territory, surrounded by nature. It is an uncommon experience that your guests will surely love. We can help you planning a memorable wedding in a Tuscan farmhouse or in a stunning villa of Umbria and, why not, even a bucolic event in Apulia. Surely it will be very original!

Think about your countryside wedding in Italy and contact us to know everything needed to make your dream come true!

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