What is a symbolic wedding?

Each wedding is unique and has to reflect the future newlyweds’ personalities. For this reason, more and more couples decide to plan a symbolic wedding ceremony. This kind of rite represents a meaningful non-religious ceremony performed by a wedding celebrant, with the possibility to express every single personality. Read our tips about the most beautiful and romantic symbolic wedding ceremonies and find your favorite.

Sand ritual or family sand ritual

According to our experience, we have planned many different symbolic rituals, and one of our favorites is the sand ritual. It consists of mixing two different-colored grains of sand into the same glass or bottle. This gesture represents the metaphor of the intertwining of two lives and is really emotional.

Moreover, if you already have children, it represents the best way to involve them in the marriage ritual. The use of more colors of the sand in the same container is in fact the perfect way to make the children protagonists together with you.

Box ritual to cheers to the future

If you prefer something different and original, our tip is the box ritual. Preferably with a box of good Italian wine! This ritual is an extraordinary opportunity to express your inner poet, expressing your love in a letter to your beloved.

During this ritual, you will put two letters in the box with the wine bottle. In front of your celebrant and guests, you will close the box and will re-open it in 5 or 10 years to celebrate your marvelous wedding anniversary. Can you imagine the surprise reading your old wedding promises with a glass of aged Italian wine? In this case, we suggest a good Tuscan Chianti Classico, of course! It will be such a romantic moment!

The union of the couple with the ribbon ritual

Another one-of-a-kind symbolic wedding ceremony is the ribbon one. It is colorful and funny because it can involve your relatives and friends to have an active part in your marriage. During the ceremony, you can use different colored ribbons. Every ribbon will represent a love or friendship message from your beloved.

The couple can weave the ribbons around their hands and arms to symbolize the union of their lives. It is such a lovely ritual, and we like it so much.

Candle ritual to light the new family

In this sweet wedding symbolic ceremony, the newlyweds hold two lighted candles in their hands and, together, they light a third one symbolizing their new family. The gesture represents the strength that two lives together can create, strengthening the couple’s relationship. 

In addition to the spouses, parents, children, family, and friends can also participate in this romantic ritual. Each with its own candle symbolizes the possibility of bringing love and serenity into the new family. 

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