Wedding entertainment in Tuscany: choosing the best music for your event

On a day as important as your wedding, every component is essential. Music, in this sense, is one of the most important elements to create the right atmosphere, welcome guests and fix the best moments forever over time. Every moment and emotions will be strengthened by the sound that will accompany you and your guests throughout the day.

How to choose the music for your wedding in Tuscany

Musical entertainment is the sound fabric on which all your memories will be collected. With Tuscany as the backdrop and the right music in the air, all the conditions are in place for a dream wedding! Couples often find themselves confused by the amount of options and genres that are offered. Between bands, duets, soloists, singers and DJs, the choice is truly vast.

So, how to choose musical entertainment for your event? In this article we want to share some tips based on the experience of our team.

The right background for every moment

It is ideal to provide a different background music for each moment of the event: from the ceremony towards the reception, from the cutting of the cake to the first dance and evening party. In fact, every moment deserves to be enhanced and told even through music.

For example, for the ceremony it is better to focus on a melody that is unobtrusive, but decidedly fascinating. It can also be your favorite song played by a violin, which always increases the emotions with its beautiful melody. While, during the party, we recommend a playlist that will let guests dance all night thanks to the skilled hands of a DJ. In this sense, lately some of our couples tend to ask their guests through the RSVP which song they would like to dance to make sure they will have them dancing the night away with the spouses.

Create atmosphere with the right professionals

The choice of the musical genre to propose at the wedding will depend on the type of atmosphere you want to create. Will it be a formal, fun or an elegant party? Take a moment to think about it, only then it will be possible to select the right professionals able to entertain the invitees throughout the day.

It is also very important to consider the spaces available at the location and the actual opportunity to perform the show based on the equipment the musicians need and the limitations that the location may apply. These are important details that cannot be left to chance or neglected until the last minute, in fact all these details will be analyzed during the planning to make sure you will have your favorite artists performing without any issue.

The soundtrack of your wedding

Many couples have a personal playlist that tells their love story or favorite songs that best represent their tastes. Our advice is not to give it up, schedule a meeting with the chosen musicians to create a playlist that reflects you, always ask about their experience or fill out a list of songs that you absolutely would like to hear during your day. Don’t forget that this is the soundtrack of your most important day, it should be just the way you want it!

With the help of a wedding planner, the choice and organization of musical entertainment will also be easier and funnier. Ask us for advice, we will be able to direct you to the best professionals.

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