Villa Grabau

Among the most beautiful wedding villas in Tuscany, Villa Grabau is definitely a romantic and charming one. Located in the quiet countryside of Lucca, here you can have a lovely wedding day with family and friends.

Wedding villa in Lucca

Villa Grabau is located in the countryside of Lucca. The city itself with its historic and world known walls, is very quiet and never crowded, its surroundings are even more peaceful, a charming territory rich in art and history, deserving to be fully discovered.

The villa is perfect for all couples looking for a private and luxurious wedding venue in Tuscany. The property hosts ceremonies and receptions all year long allowing couples to choose among its beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces.

Ceremony and reception at the villa

The park of Villa Grabau is a magnificent example of an Italian-style garden. There are charming paths surrounded by nature, a beautiful Lemon House, and a fascinating Box Hedge Theatre. These places seem to have been made especially for hosting weddings and special events.

According to the number of guests, you can plan to use both places to organize different moments of the day: the Box Hedge Theatre for the ceremony (civil ceremonies are allowed) and the lovely Lemon House for the reception.

Wedding at Villa Grabau

Within the park, there are smaller villas and buildings that can easily accommodate your guests. The Arancera apartments can accommodate up to 20 people so you can stay at Villa Grabau with your closest friends and family members. Before or after the wedding day, you can also use this area to host a few side events like a welcome cocktail, a brunch, a pizza party, or a pool party.

A wedding at Villa Grabau lets you experience beautiful landscapes, local food and wine, the art and the history of pristine countryside.

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