Bridal Styling

Finding a bridal stylist for your wedding can be quite a challenge, but we already thought about it and we literally have so many professionals with portfolios to choose from.

Personal bridal stylist in Tuscany

The bridal stylist is very requested in Italy, so much as it has become a full-time assistant and image consultant. Brides and grooms need someone to support them in their choice of dress, make-up, and accessories for the most important day of their life!

However, it is not only the couple: the guests also sometimes look for help, especially for a wedding in Tuscany. They are out of their usual environment and don’t know where to look for gowns, shoes and generally how to comply with the dress code.

What does the bridal stylist do?

They act as a wedding consultant alongside with the wedding planner and help you to decide your overall style for the day by making the bride to feel secure enough to trust the styling choices and feel like everything is being taken care of.

The role of the bridal image consultant is greatly underrated: the style of the wedding dress truly sets up the mood for the event, first of all for the bride! Happy bride, happy wedding! Then, also for the pictures, the hair & make-up and.. the groom’s suit as well, of course.

Finding dress, shoes, accessories

The most emotional moment for the bride is the choice of the dress, of course. It can be difficult, emotional and… nerve-wracking when you can’t find what you’re looking for. A professional figure, someone who knows, can truly help and support you along the journey.

The usual plan is to find, in order: dress, shoes, accessories. The expectations of family and friends can be high and stressful sometimes. The bridal stylist is there to make you feel beautiful and pampered!

No worries, the bridal stylist has you covered

If you are planning to search for your wedding dress in Italy, maybe in Tuscany, sure you can visit many bridal boutiques, but their bridal consultant can’t quite leave the shop. A bridal stylist is able to present you several choices without you having to stress around in the boutique of a foreign city.

If this is possible, accessories are even harder than the dress. A bridal stylist can present you with many options you wouldn’t probably be able to find on your own. During the planning, you should be radiant and happy that the big day is approaching. No time to think where are you gonna get that second dress for the reception, the stylist has it under control!

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