The floral arrangements for a wedding are one of the beloved aspect of the planning!
They can be truly creative: from fancy gazebos to suspended compositions, with chandeliers or long aisles with rose petals. The bet is finding truly expert wedding florists that have the right experience and know-how to allow you to create the settings of your dream wedding.

Floral design for ceremony and reception

The wow-factor in weddings, alongside with the beautiful bride, is given by the flowers. Intricate flower design settings can truly change the mood and atmosphere of a venue or a church. Believe us when we say that a good flower disposition can give a wedding a totally new vibe!

A meeting with the flower designer is crucial to create a connection with the couple and really understand what they want. That’s why here at Blanc we have connections with the best florists, and we will be able to suggest you the best solutions depending on your needs.

Expert floral designers

The floral designers can give you ideas and propositions that come from their past experience. If you tell them your preferences, they will surprise you!

Truth to be told, sometimes it’s even easier to give them free creativity: they can come up with the most amazing settings you couldn’t have thought of!

Creating a unique floral design for your wedding

You have probably spent countless hours on Pinterest, pinning florals to your boards, looking for the perfect setting. We admit there are some pretty creative and beautiful pieces of art there. However, we make it a goal to surpass them all: your wedding has to be the one and only. Something never seen before!

Our design team of both Tuscan and Italian florists and flower designers has access to the best quality flowers, plants, and greenery that can be offered. We are not only talking about the classic roses and hydrangeas. We are also talking about exotic flowers perfect for every taste.

Designs with Tuscan flowers

If you want to pay homage to the country you are celebrating your wedding in, why not choosing to create an amazing flower setting with lilies, ranunculus and, if the period is right, sunflowers?

The lily is also the official symbol of Florence and you can see it pretty much everywhere when you visit. Sunflowers are also an option, they remind of the countless sunflower fields of Western Tuscany and can really fit in a Summer wedding!

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