Secure you and your guest transportation is no problem for us. We are very well organized for all sorts of transportation plans and we know our whereabouts when it comes to reaching venues.

Bride’s car

Having a ride in a Vintage Rolls Royce or Spider Duetto to your wedding in the Tuscan countryside? Or maybe something even more Italian, like driving in a bright white Fiat 500 to the delight of your guests and loved ones?

Choose what you love the most! We will think about all the rest. Our experience and our past collaborations, allow us to guarantee the transfer in detail.

Your transfer to the reception location

Classic or modern wedding? We are here to satisfy your every wish and make it a reality. If the ceremony and reception take place in two different places, there is nothing more beautiful than moving between the two places in the car of your dreams. Coupé classic or sporty car?

Whatever your choice, we are here to make it happen thanks to our long collaboration with professionals in the sector. You are spoiled for choice!

Transportation of the guests

An original and fun idea for your wedding? Organize the transfer of relatives and friends in groups from one location to another, onboard shuttle buses or vintage vehicles such as a Volkswagen coach!

We are here to give you only the best advice and find the right solutions for your wedding together.

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Tell us about your dream wedding. We love to share ideas and proposals. Together we can realise each and every one of your wishes for this special day.

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