Micro weddings: the trend of 2021

A micro wedding is an intimate marriage that is cared for in every detail, just like a traditional one, but on a much smaller scale. Usually, the guests list only includes the closest relatives and friends. Micro weddings are the latest trend for 2021.

What is a micro wedding

The wedding season of 2021 is going to be full of novelties. In 2020, many couples had to postpone their wedding date and make adjustments to the guests list to match Covid-19 regulations. With all these changes also came new trends… micro weddings are definitely one of the most interesting!

Micro weddings are more than an elopement but less crowded than a traditional wedding. If you are willing to have a romantic and intimate wedding focusing on the feeling of conviviality and intimacy with your guests, planning a micro wedding is the right solution.

The advantages of a micro wedding

This kind of wedding ensures you the greatest attention to details and the best wedding experience. Having to deal with a small number of guests, you can really focus on the needs of each one and manage your budget to plan a unique experience in terms of food, hospitality, extra-activities and much more.

With fewer guests comes less stress, fewer opinions and people to please, less budget required, and more options in terms of venues. Actually, there are lots of small wedding venues you cannot consider when having a bigger traditional celebration that are already beautifully decorated and perfect for intimate weddings.

Luxury micro weddings in Italy

Going micro doesn’t mean going cheap, on the contrary, it means you can realize all of your luxury dreams. Having a destination wedding in Italy is something that many international couples dream about, but bringing hundreds of guests to the other part of the world is not easy. Give up traditional celebrations and take off with just the closest friends and family! There are a lot of options, just let your imagination run wild. Also, you can ask for the help of a local wedding planner to have all the support needed to plan the event on site.

If you like the idea of a luxury micro wedding in Italy, our team can help you plan the ceremony and the party, accommodations for everyone and extra activities to explore the territory.

Start planning your micro wedding in 2021

Micro weddings are flexible and can adapt to every need. We know people still want to get together and celebrate love, but respecting the rules and keep safe from Covid-19 is important for all of us. No need to give up your intentions… just find the way to realize your dreams with new solutions, we are here to help you do so!

For 2021 weddings, large gatherings are still uncertain, so don’t miss the opportunity and go micro! It is a good alternative especially if you really wish to get married abroad: contact us to start planning your micro wedding in Italy.

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