Why you should consider getting married on a weekday

Weekday weddings are now an increasing trend! Couples had to face reality: there are not many weekend dates left to get married in 2021. However, this is not bad news! There actually are some advantages in getting married on a weekday and you may really want to have them all.

Having your wedding on a weekday

Ask any wedding specialist: most weekend dates for this Summer and Fall are already booked. If you are not willing to postpone the wedding and wait for another several months, you should seriously consider getting married on a weekday!

There is nothing to be fearful about a weekday wedding. Don’t worry for your friends and family: they won’t miss the opportunity to stand by you on such an important day. Also, your vendors will be more than happy to work with you on a weekday.

Is it okay to have a weekday wedding?

Basically weekend dates are preferred all over Europe, the American wedding norms also favors the Saturday-afternoon ceremonies. Even when it comes to destination weddings here in Tuscany and Italy, weekend-long events are usually the norm. However, things are changing!

The recent pandemic may have forced some couples to change the wedding date to a weekday, but many of them are starting to realize the benefits of a weekday wedding and are glad to have chosen this opportunity. It is not just because prices are usually lower, but also because your favorite vendors, busy during weekends, are magically available and willing to work on a weekday. At the same time, the quality of service increases as there is less pressure and more materials become available.

Advantages of a weekday wedding

We know how important it is for brides and grooms to get married in the venue that stole their hearts, with the vendors they admire for their creativity and ideas. Try and ask for their availability for a weekday date, you’ll see it is way easier to get a yes as an answer. As there will likely be fewer receptions on a weekday, the chosen vendors and venues will be free to set their minds on your event and work even harder to realize all of your dreams.

Otherwise, if you are forced to change the date, do consider that it is difficult for vendors to change plans within a short time notice. By setting the new date on a weekday you’ll probably be able to keep your original team.

Weekday destination weddings in Tuscany

If you are planning a destination wedding, having the official ceremony on a weekday, like Monday or Friday, will leave you a couple of days before or after the wedding to really celebrate and enjoy the gathering with friends and family.

When getting married on Monday, you may be able to travel to your destination, settle in and even throw a proper welcome party for your guests. Otherwise, by getting married on Friday, you can plan a few days to appreciate the wedding venue and the surrounding area after the wedding. Think about it!

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