A wedding in Tuscany's Chianti: the romantic dream of Samantha and Keith

In the beating heart of Tuscany, nestled among the gentle hills of the Senese Chianti, Antico Borgo San Lorenzo was the backdrop for the intimate and evocative wedding of Samantha and Keith, an American couple who chose the Bel Paese to celebrate their love.

This land, world-renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, its fine wines, and its thousand-year history, continues to attract couples from every corner of the globe dreaming of an unforgettable destination wedding.


The ceremony at the Antico Borgo San Lorenzo

Antico Borgo San Lorenzo is not just a place, but a story that is handed down from generation to generation. This family-owned hamlet in the Senese Chianti saw the love between Samantha and Keith blossom under the Tuscan sky.
Immersed in a postcard landscape, the couple exchanged their vows in the shade of an ancient tree, surrounded by a naturally designed ground arch expertly crafted by Puscina Flowers. The rustic touch and the timeless elegance of this place created the perfect atmosphere for a heartfelt and incredibly romantic wedding.

Details that make a difference

With only 35 guests, the event was an intimate celebration, allowing each attendee to fully enjoy the magic of the day.
Attention to detail was crucial in making Samantha and Keith’s wedding unforgettable.

From the carefully chosen flowers by Puscina Flowers, which added touches of natural and vibrant color to the landscape, to the exquisite Tuscan cuisine served by the restaurant of the hamlet, every element was chosen to complement the beauty and atmosphere of the place.

A dream wedding in Chianti

The wedding of Samantha and Keith was an ode to love, beauty, and tradition, elements that make Chianti a timeless destination for those seeking to celebrate their love in a unique and unforgettable way.

The story of Samantha and Keith is just one of the many tales that bloom among the hills of Chianti, each as unique as the colors of the sunset on these lands. This wedding, with its intimacy, beauty, and attention to detail, will forever remain in the hearts of those privileged to participate, as a shining example of what makes a wedding in Tuscany’s Chianti an unparalleled event.

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