Best places to get married in Tuscany

It usually is the first question we got asked when meeting couples: what’s the best place to get married in Tuscany? The answer is… there are plenty of them! We are going to see some in this article.

Where to get married in Tuscany?

Tuscany is a large and beautiful region in the heart of central Italy. People may know the world-wide famous hills of Tuscany and their wines, but there is more to discover in this territory. The long and varied coastline with lots of seaside resorts, is just perfect for beach weddings, while the countryside towns, the traditional ‘borgo’, are ideal for a rustic yet chic ceremony.

Furthermore, there are art cities placed all over the region and they are among the most popular destinations for weddings and events.

Wedding in Florence

Getting married in Florence is surely a dream for many international couples. The city’s fashion, style and history is what drive people to travel to Tuscany and have, very often, a weekend-long wedding celebration.

In Florence there are plenty of venues you can choose from. As for wedding celebrations, the city offers churches, synagogues and mosques for any kind of faith. Symbolic weddings are a very good option too!

Wedding in Chianti

The Chianti region is what most people imagine when thinking about Tuscany. This hilly panorama is famous worldwide for its beauty and its local products: mostly wine and olive oil. There are many wine estates that open their gates to weddings and events offering the chance to perform the ceremony right in the vineyards or in the olive groves.

A Chianti wedding is ideal for couples looking for a relaxed atmosphere, natural environment, and top quality food and wine. Plus, this territory is close to the cities of Florence and Siena.

Wedding in Siena

Siena is probably one of the most famous art cities in Tuscany, besides Florence. The city center has not changed much from medieval times, the main squares and streets are just the same and offer a unique atmosphere.

The city is surrounded by the countryside with vineyards, olive groves, woods, flower fields and small towns. When getting married in Siena you can choose to have your ceremony in the city and a celebration in the countryside, so you have the best of both worlds.

Wedding in Val d’Orcia

An enchanting hilly landscape, small towns, renaissance-style buildings and ancient churches are the main components of a wedding in Val d’Orcia. This territory is located in the south of Tuscany and is still an unknown destination for many international couples.

Life rhythm in Val d’Orcia is slow and calm, it makes you relax and appreciate the moment. It could be the perfect wedding destination if you are looking for a less crowded countryside than Chianti and willing to discover new and exciting places.

Wedding in Lucca

Lucca is an art city too, but compared to Florence and Siena, it has it all. Hills, countryside, mountains are placed nearby, and the city is just half an hour from the nearest beaches. The city center itself is really enjoyable. If you visit it, you will see lots of people moving in the streets with their bicycles since cars and bikes cannot enter the inner roads and squares.

As for wedding venues in Lucca, you can find some beautiful period villas. Most of them are surrounded by a huge park that is available for open-air ceremonies and celebrations. Tuscany is waiting or you!

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