Christopher & Lane

Looking for a stunning wedding venue in Florence, Christopher and Lane got in touch with our wedding planning team. We supported this lovely couple through all the steps until the wedding day organizing a luxury wedding at Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte exactly as they had always dreamed about.

Luxury destination wedding in Florence

When we first met Christopher and Lane, they were sure to get married in Florence, a city they both love and appreciate. The Tuscan lifestyle, countryside and art is what they liked the most and what really drove them to choose our region for their wedding day. They had two different backgrounds, Italy and the Middle East, and lots of friends from all around the world.

Lane works in the fashion industry and wished for an exclusive, fun and glamorous event, perfectly matching her working experience. She needed a Florence wedding planner to find out the best venues, best vendors and manage the event in the city. Our team was delighted to support her and her fiancé in the planning process!

3-day wedding for 150 guests

We had to plan, book and organize everything for 150 guests and their 3-day staying in Florence. They both demanded only the best hotels to be booked for their guests’ stay. As a classic destination wedding, Christopher and Lane offered their guests a mini-holiday in Tuscany with several mini-events and experiences beside the wedding day. As for the wedding venue, Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte had everything they were looking for: amazing view over the Tuscan countryside, huge outdoor space for the reception, a classic and romantic style.

The wedding reception at Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte

For the occasion we decided to transform the park of Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte in a “secret garden” creating an open structure filled with greenery and flowers. Different varieties of flowers were hanging down the ceiling above the tables and the dancefloor. A special lighting design perfectly enhanced this beauty and created the ideal atmosphere for the party.

Guests were impressed by this magnificent setting and kept complimenting Christopher and Lane for such a beautiful event!

Dinner and party till the morning

Dinner was provided by one of the best caterers in Florence. Food and beverages were top quality just like Christopher and Lane requested. The menu included traditional Tuscan recipes that were very much appreciated by the guests. After dinner a pastry chef performed in front of everyone and created lots of different desserts in front of their eyes.

The party kept going on until the early morning hours. Christopher and Lane were surrounded by so much joy and positive energy! It was a real pleasure for us seeing them happy and satisfied on their most beautiful day.

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