Advantages of a winter wedding in Italy you have no idea about

Summer, spring, autumn… these are not the only seasons available for weddings! Did you know that winter also has great potential? Here is some advice on winter wedding advantages.

Why getting married in wintertime

When thinking about weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is a romantic event in the sun. But summer days are not the only period you can rely on to get married.

We want to share with you 5 reasons why having a winter wedding can be a great option for your event.

Winter wedding inspirations

Winter weddings can be as charming as any other. With the holidays approaching, you can even plan a Christmas theme wedding or a Carnival wedding party.

The color palette for a wedding in the winter period ranges from blue, white, ivory, cream, crème caramel, silver to red and green. Gold is another great option for highlighting details such as the invitations for example. Keep reading here below and maybe your ideal wedding will take another shape…

1. Low budget needed!

When you decide to get married in the winter it usually means that you have great power over your suppliers! Winter is surely a less busy time for wedding planners, florists and wedding locations.

You will, therefore, find more availability at a cheaper cost due to the fact that they have less work to do. Some of them offer straight-up winter wedding packages. Consider this when planning your luxury wedding: you could still have a chic wedding at a more affordable price only by choosing to have it during wintertime.

2. Way more availability!

Do you know that wedding venue you love, but that is always booked? If your heart is set on a specific venue you will find that it’s much easier to hire it in wintertime.

As we said above, usually it’s not such a busy time and logistics gets drastically improved for everybody, even your guests! It would be much easier to pull off a mid-winter break and attend your wedding abroad.

3. It´s the holiday season!

In the winter, most people have already taken time off from work due to the Christmas holidays. So, choosing to plan your wedding any of the days around the main festivities will ensure great participation.

Also, you can take advantage of the holidays to arrange themed decorations and details that everybody will love. This is a great idea also for creating a unique atmosphere.

4. Awesome venues!

Take Tuscany, for instance: hundreds of grand medieval castles and Renaissance villas that can host the most spectacular wedding! Imagine yourself having your reception inside a frescoed hall with a warm fireplace as the main decoration. Can you picture yourself while enjoying a nice glass of wine with your guests? We definitely can and would be happy to make this dream come true.

A giant Christmas tree placed in a corner can as well make the celebration very unique.

5. Cheaper honeymoon!

If you marry in July and August, you’re likely to have to spend a fortune for your honeymoon as these months are highly sought-after for going on holiday.

Instead, winter it’s the perfect time to visit the Maldives, South Africa or a Caribbean island at a low price. Choosing to have a winter wedding allows you to have the best of both worlds!

You’ll find out that planning a wedding in the wintertime is not a bad idea at all, especially with the help of expert and highly skilled people like us!

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