Essential wedding checklist for a wedding in Italy

So, are you finally thinking about getting married in Italy? Well, here is an essential wedding checklist that you really need to make sure you are not forgetting anything. Order and rigid organization are crucial!

Checklist for the wedding in Italy

One of the most useful tools of a bride is a wedding checklist! This simple tool can make planning much easier, especially if you are organizing a wedding abroad.

Marrying in Italy is no exception! There are so many beautiful venues and so many wedding details to be considered. To help all the couples dealing with the wedding planning on their own, we made a checklist that we hope will be useful!

Things to do as soon as you say yes!

First of all, choose where you would like to get married and contact the relevant institutions to know what kind of documents you need for a legally valid wedding in Italy. Also, make sure you have a valid passport and the needed visa if you come from a country that requires one.

Have you already picked the date? The month? Then, make an estimate of your wedding guests. This will be one of the first main details every location and vendor will ask you about. Setting a budget is also very important and urgent, at least your basic idea or the amount you don’t want to exceed.

Only after that, you can go ahead and contact a local wedding planner, maybe nice, smart and expert like us, or select venue and vendors on your own. It’s time to start contacting venue managers, catering services, photographer, video makers, light service, etc…

At least 9 months before the big day, start shopping for your wedding dress and try them on! Remember to keep in mind the destination’s climate. Then, think about your honeymoon. Do you want to have it in Italy as well? We think that’s a wonderful idea!

Finally, send the invitations as early as possible to make sure all of your guests save the date in their agendas!

Six months before

RSVP from guests will start coming around this time, be sure to make their attendance comfortable as well by providing them with as many information as possible.

You may set up a website, we can help you to do this, where they can find all the useful and important information and where they can rely on to know more about your registry and venues as well as the accommodation if needed without getting in touch with you every time they need bits and pieces of information. Book your travel and encourage your guests to do the same to make sure to catch the best deals!

Two months before

Time for checking everything! You are still able to fix any problem it may occur, so be sure everything is in order. For example, check the paperwork you need by contacting the relevant authorities in Italy. Remember to write down your vows and choose the text for your ceremony. Make sure to have the complete list of all your guests attending the events.

Keep in touch with the location and the vendors and confirm all the services as well as the total number of guests which is relevant above all to the caterer.

Two weeks before

Slowly begin the packing process, planning what will go in the suitcase. Hang your dress in a dress bag and have it ready. Packing should be finished at least 3 days before the departure!

Have you booked a manicure/pedicure for a couple of days before the wedding?

The day before

Check and confirm flights, make sure your bridesmaids have the rings, go to sleep early and smile, you are about to get married!

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