Easily getting married in Florence: why you will need a local wedding planner

The experience of a wedding in Florence can be either a dream or a nightmare. What we do is helping and supporting couples from all over the world to make the best out of their wedding day in the city.

Florence wedding: the easy way

Right after the wedding proposal, future brides and grooms enter the world of the wedding organization to discover that it is not all fun and games but they actually need to be well organized. There are venues to visit, suppliers to meet, contracts to read, deposits to pay in advance, expectations of family and friends to fulfill…

When we first meet the couples, we make sure to wipe out all of these anxieties. We want them to only feel happy for such an important day. So, what is the easiest way to get married in Florence? Asking for the advice of a local wedding planner!

Why do you need a Florence wedding planner?

Florence is a very popular wedding destination. The city has everything you need to plan the wedding day and it is also an ideal destination for a two-nights stay. What makes things not so easy, it is the huge amount of possibilities and options available when it comes to venues, suppliers, ceremonies and all the other details.

Couples can get confused and worried in no time. The guidance of a local wedding planner, living and working in Florence, is key to make the right choices.

Getting married in Florence with a wedding planner

The city is rich in villas, hotels, gardens that can perfectly host a wedding ceremony and reception. However, a local wedding planner can immediately guide you to visit the top wedding venues in Florence that best suit your own needs and requirements.

The same applies to the types of ceremony available in Florence and suppliers such as photographer, floral designer, catering, entertainment, light designer and many more. The wedding planner can immediately direct you to the best solutions according to your needs, budget and preferences.

Florence wedding and side events

An experienced team of wedding planners in Florence can offer advice and support not just for the planning and coordination of the event, but even when it comes to visit Florence and enjoy the city at its best during your stay.

Planning side events is a great way to fill in the whole wedding experience with fun activities for everyone: bride, groom, family, friends, and all the guests. We are talking about pizza parties, pool parties, tours and shopping in the city, tastings in the countryside and so on and so forth.

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