How to best choose the catering for your wedding

When it comes to wedding, planning is just one of the many tasks that the couple have to face… and perhaps it is not the most intriguing! Among the most difficult choices there is certainly that of catering. Let’s see some tips to deal with it more easily.

Choosing the catering for the wedding

Often, couples who come from all over the world to get married in Italy are sure to offer their guests an extraordinary food experience. It is our job to guide them in choosing the best solution by relying on high quality food professionals.

The success of an Italian wedding is also decreed by its menu, the service and the quality of the ingredients used in the recipes that are offered to guests. These details are normally managed by the catering chosen for the event and it is therefore important to pay attention to it.

1.Dedicate much of your budget to catering

Catering is one of the elements that most affects the budget, and that is ok! If you want to make sure your guests have an incredible dining experience, something they will remember with pleasure, this must be immediately clear.

Quality and freshness of raw materials, excellent service, care and attention in setting up the tables and the mise en place… these are the main characteristics to look for in a catering service for your event. In Italy, where the culture of good food is deeply rooted, it is even more true.

2. Trust an experienced wedding planner

So how do you find the best wedding catering? Relying on a wedding planner can certainly help. Being an event professional, her should be the first opinion to consult.

The experience of a wedding planner who has already tested numerous catering services should not be underestimated. Based on the number of guests, the chosen venue and the wedding style, she will be able to propose the most suitable solution.

3.Select local catering services

The first step is precisely the selection of 2 or 3 different catering companies, possibly local or of the same territory where the wedding will take place in order to reduce any travel costs for all staff. Those catering who have already worked in the venue chosen for the event are also preferred. In fact, they will already have experience of the kitchen available and therefore of the dishes they can make.

Each catering sends at least one menu proposal prepared according to your preferences and indications, for example: typical or international cuisine? Traditional or revisited recipes? Will there be people with intolerances?

4.Have a tasting for the whole menu

To make a decision, however, nothing is better than a test in person. Generally, the test of catering takes place at its headquarters, in a dedicated tasting room. This space cannot be missing and is already an important indicator of the seriousness, experience and level of service of the company.

The test will be an opportunity to ask all the questions you have in mind and define the details of how the service will take place from the aperitif to the dessert. Don’t forget the queen of the wedding buffet: the cake! Many catering services include a cake on the menu, sometimes proposing a pastry chef who composes or decorates it live in front of all guests. Again, taste, colors and decorations must be agreed according to your preferences.

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