Planning a destination wedding in Tuscany: religious and traditional ceremonies

Here is some more information on how to plan your destination wedding in Tuscany including a religious or a traditional ceremony. The region is rich in churches, chapels, cathedral and worship places of several religions.

Religious wedding ceremony in Florence

Lots of couples coming to Tuscany for their destination wedding look for a one-of-a-kind experience starting from the ceremony. Well, they will be happy to know that Tuscany is rich in chapels, churches and other places of worship both in the cities and in the countryside.

We are not only talking about the catholic wedding ceremony, there is plenty of room also for jewish, lutheran, waldesian, and othodox ceremonies. In Florence, especially, you can find ministers of worship able to perform all of these religious ceremonies. As for traditional wedding rituals from Asia or India, there is no obstacle in performing each traditional event nor in finding expert suppliers.

Churches and chapels in Tuscany

When talking about churches, in Tuscany there is plenty of choice! In the major cities there are stunning cathedrals, usually placed in the main square and beautifully decorated. In the countryside villages and small towns you can find ancient roman churches that are rustic and less decorated but still charming and surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

Also, some wedding venues grant couples the opportunity to use a small church or chapel located on their premise for a symbolic ceremony or a blessing. It’s usually a deconsecrated church, formerly used by the owners of the venue. Anyway there are a few still available to perform religious ceremonies that are legally valid.

Wedding paperwork for a religious ceremony

With our long experience with wedding planning in Florence, our team has contacts with all of the pastors, priests, rabbi, and ministers of various religions. We can easily support every couple when filling the necessary paperwork to perform the ceremony. Having an expert by your side will make the whole process less stressful and complicated.

Within the Florentine churches, things change from year to year. It’s our duty to keep up to date with the latest news, knowing exactly what is possible and what is not consented, in any case, we will look for the best solutions available.

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