Summer wedding in Tuscany: pros and cons

Have you ever thought about having your wedding in Tuscany? Summertime is definitely one of the most popular seasons to get married in the region, here we analyze pros and cons of this choice.

Our top advice for a summer wedding in Tuscany

Is summer a good time to get married in Tuscany? During this period, the Tuscan sun and the countryside are glowing. The long sunny days give you wonderful sunsets behind the hilly vineyards and cool nights under the stars. You can find outdoor events all over the region, in the small villages and in the big cities. Actually, people spend most of their time outdoors: under the shady branches of trees, in a veranda, by a pool or by the sea.

It all looks pretty fabulous… the perfect set for a destination wedding! However, let’s dig deeper.

Advice n° 1: select a countryside venue

If you want to spend your wedding day in Tuscany between June and August be prepared to face very hot temperatures. Especially in the cities, like Florence, the sun reaches its peak point in the middle of the day. The country and seaside areas, instead, offer a milder climate and are generally windier and cooler than any urban center.

Our best advice, if you are getting married during the central summer months, is to opt for a countryside venue or some place outside town.

Advice n° 2: think about your guests wellbeing

Don’t forget about your guests! Prepare them to face hot temperatures and plan their arrival and departure in the coolest hours of the day. The wedding ceremony, if placed outdoors, should also take place early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Anyway, your guests will have the opportunity to spend the best time in Tuscany. Wine tastings, horseback riding, tours and visits, pool parties, cooking classes, and much more… Pick the activity you like most and invite your guests to join you for your wedding.

Advice n° 3: make sure to book in advance

Despite the difficulties, summer months in Tuscany remain the most popular among couples. July, in particular, is the most crowded month with weddings and events. Make sure to book well in advance the venue and your hotel stay. Also, if you already know the wedding vendors you want to work with, contact them and make plans with them as soon as possible.

Reassuming pros and cons of a summer wedding in Tuscany

The biggest advantage for a summer wedding in Tuscany is that you’ll have the chance to see, live and experience the best the region has to offer. We are talking about panoramic views, food and drinks, activities, nature and art. Also, rain is rarely a problem between June and August. The biggest cons? It’s generally hot and tourists from all over the world occupy hotels and venues for the entire season.

Anyway, no need to worry, a wedding planner can help you overcome all of these difficulties and organize your wedding day exactly as you wish.

What is the best month to get married in Tuscany?

The best month to get married in Tuscany is May. Spring has just ended and temperatures are rising up, so weddings can easily take place outdoors.
As we said above, June, July and August are the most popular and recommended months to avoid rain but also present some cons to think about.

May is an excellent compromise to avoid both heavy rainfalls and extreme temperatures. Plus, being a less popular period, it’s easier to book the venue of your choice and have the wedding of your dreams.

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