Tuscan wedding decoration ideas

By getting married in Tuscany you can rely on beautiful landscapes, natural backgrounds and rustic details that already enrich your event with natural element and decorations! However to really make your event unique and special, you’ll want to add a personal touch.

Tuscan wedding design

Lots of our brides and grooms choose Tuscany as their wedding destination just to be able to include its iconic atmosphere into their ceremony and reception.

They want to live an unforgettable experience and make their guests live it too! There is no way to replicate the authentic Tuscan style anywhere else, so couples from all over the world arrive in the region to plan and live their dream day.

Some inspirations for your wedding in Tuscany

If you love Tuscan-style decorations, you will find plenty of inspirations in the local venues. Anyway, each wedding is a personal and exclusive event and we, as experienced wedding planners, know that every couple always loves to add a personal touch.

Tuscany-style decorations are fine since you blend them into a wider theme that really identifies yourselves and your story. So here are some great ideas you can use to include a personal touch into your Tuscan wedding.

Tableau de mariage with wines

The variety of Tuscan wines, as you might be aware, is very wide and most of them are known all over the world and are appreciated by many. If you are a connaisseur too, you would love the idea to use wine bottles as tableau de mariage for your wedding day.

When guests are finally seated, you can place the corresponding bottle on each table and let friends and family enjoy it during the dinner. Some of the best wedding venues in the Tuscan countryside are wine estates too, so you can even use their wines to create the tableau and let your guests better know and enjoy all the specialties of the territory.

Wedding favors with local products

One of the most famous local products of Tuscany is the evo oil. The taste of Tuscan olive oil is just delicious and it really can add a special touch to every recipe.

Think about gifting your guests small bottles of local olive oil that they can actually use when returning home. You can customize the labels of the bottles and make them yours by adding your names, the date of the wedding, or even a watercolor portrait of you and your partner or of your wedding location hand-made by a professional designer.

Decorations with aromatic herbs

Lush mediterranean vegetation is the core of Tuscany’s natural environment. Local recipes include lots of this into their making. So, if you are passionate about cooking, you will love the idea of adding some of the local aromatic herbs into the floral compositions of your wedding day. Sage, rosemary, basil, laurel, thyme, wild fennel are just a few options.

Make sure to rely on an expert floral designer to create something that is beautiful and unique. Small bouquets of aromatic herbs can also be used as placeholders on your wedding table or can be given as a ‘thank you’ present for your guests.

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