Planning a Christmas themed wedding in Tuscany

Have you ever visited Tuscany during the Christmas season? Both the countryside and the art cities are filled with decorations and lights, you can smell cinnamon and mulled wine everywhere. Christmas markets pop up in the small squares and the atmosphere is simply warm and magical, you feel like buying presents is all you have to do. In that very moment…can you imagine having your wedding in Tuscany? We can, and can help you realize this beautiful and unique dream!

Winter and Christmas weddings

Winter weddings fascinate couples more and more. Brides and grooms are now aware of the undeniable advantages of planning a wedding in the cold months of the year, first of all they usually think about planning during the holiday season. At Christmas time, it is more likely that guests will be available to travel and would be happy to fulfill a few days off by participating in a wedding.

Venues will already be filled with decorations that you can personalize in gold or silver or in red and green, with puppets or gift boxes perfectly wrapped with a customised décor. Certainly, there will be no need to worry about bad weather because the event will surely take place indoor still allowing you to enjoy the views and lights outside to make it all more romantic.

Why planning a Christmas wedding in Tuscany?

Christmas weddings in Tuscany combine the best of local traditions, landscapes, and gastronomy with the joyful emotions of such a magical time of the year. People are more willing to spend time together and a destination wedding can be the right occasion to discover more about habits and culinary delicatessen of Italy.

As for inspirations and ideas, Christmas time offers a great number of options. By having a creative and set designer in our team, we can help you create a mood board, select a color palette, choose the materials and the details of the wedding day months prior to the event so that you can fully enjoy the experience with no rush on last minute decisions and details.

Christmas themed wedding in Tuscany: some ideas

Of course, you will need to plan the ceremony and reception indoors to make your guests feel comfortable, warm and allow them to wear what they prefer in total freedom. Well, no problem with that in Tuscany!

There are plenty of venues, both in the city and the countryside, with large indoor spaces, frescoes, fireplaces, and beautiful views. Plus, on Christmas, they are usually decorated with elegant ornaments reminding of the holidays which will just leave your guests with a cosy and pleasant feeling. According to the overall style and mood of your event, you can customize the decorations of the rooms and tables by including lights, candles, berries, pinewood elements, ribbons, and much more.

Add some traditions to your Christmas wedding

The wedding menu can be customized too! You can include some traditional recipes from the Tuscan cuisine which perfectly suit the period of the year and still be sure to provide your guests with an exclusive food and wine experience.

As for the wedding cake, it can’t be missed. You can of course decorate it with Winter or Christmas-themed elements. If you are willing to consider some other delicacies, there are lots of traditional desserts that are usually eaten at Christmas in Tuscany: make sure to offer some to your guests, they will just love them!

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