Bridal shower made in Italy

The bridal shower is the new frontier of the well-known hen party. The bridal shower is still organized by the best friends, normally, maid of honor and bridesmaids, but it is a lighter way of enjoying this time together. During a bridal shower, the bride gets kind attention and small gifts. It’s a great way to relieve stress and enjoy some special moments with the ones you love!

Plan your bridal shower in Italy

So, it’s a fact that the bridal shower is the occasion for the bride to spend a relaxing and funny day with her bridesmaids just before the wedding. As you might know, it is a typical tradition in all the mainly English-speaking countries but it’s beginning to show up even in here: Italy!

So how to best plan a bridal shower in Italy? We came up with a couple of ideas on how to make it chic and classy and keep it fun all together.

Top bridal shower ideas

If the plan is to have a destination wedding in Italy you can easily find a venue where you can comfortably stay with your guests for a couple of days and this is, in general, the best idea! It would allow you to arrive in Italy a day or two before the ceremony and gives you enough time and space to organize many other special events like, of course, the bridal shower, in an exclusive location.

Italy has so much to offer like, as you are already aware, fine food and wine but also beautiful landscapes, art cities, private SPA, workshop of several kind such as making of soap, photography, jewels, gelato or pizza and so much more!

Bridal shower for food and wine lovers

Think about it! Wouldn’t be great to participate in a wine tasting tour in the Chianti region by riding a vespa with your besties? Or maybe take part in a private cooking class to learn the secrets of Italian recipes in a spectacular ancient ‘borgo’ or Villa?

If you love refined food and wine, we are sure this could be your thing! Let us deal with all the details and just enjoy the day with your bridesmaids. We won’t forget to add something special to toast with: what about a champagne tower? This is an easy a cheap trick to set up the mood and it can really make a difference. Or we can also work on a personalized cocktail name it after you and make it bubbly and…pink maybe? Exact as you are! You’ll be surprised!

Relax with your bridesmaids

Nothing is better than a relaxing day at the spa to relieve stress and anxieties before the wedding, don’t you think? So, why don’t you invite your girls in a luxury wellness centre and dedicate yourselves to beauty treatments for a whole day? Nail artists, massages, fish pedicure … We know exactly where to organize such a day! Just ask us for more information.

Otherwise, you can always enjoy an aperitif or maybe have a tea party in the Italian gardens of a beautiful villa. A private event just for you and your best friends to chat and have fun with no men around.

Ideas on bridal shower dress code

It could be super fun to set a dress code for the bridal shower. Decide on the theme and engage your girls with it! Just keep in mind that it has to match the formality, the season, be comfortable and look great… yeah ok, maybe that’s too much but the important thing is that there no specific need to be extremely tight or sexy as it will be just for girls!

If the event will be quite formal you can stick on a cocktail dress with a nice hat or a small purse. If the feeling is of a more casual event you can suggest flat shoes and a summery jumpsuit, or maybe jeans for everyone.

If you all would like to have the Summer feeling you can recommend a flowing sundress or a boho blouse with mandatory funny sunglasses.

Or maybe, the only color allowed is pink, or red, or green or blue? Definitely a cute idea! Just make sure to mention the outfit requirements when inviting your bridesmaids to participate to make the party unique exactly as you are.

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