Wedding cake ideas to inspire you in the choice

Besides the ceremony and the first dance, what is the most memorable and delicious moment of a wedding? The cake cutting ritual of course! A tradition which has evolved over the years. Started to ensure fertility, cut and served by the bride only, as time passed by and weddings became bigger, the bride started needing the help of the groom to serve all guests.

The wedding cake tradition

Born as a necessity, the first cut today symbolizes the couple’s first joint task as newlyweds expressing their eternal love for one another. Sometimes the bride and groom also feed each other the very first slide to represent their commitment to each other, right afterwards, the cake is taken away by the caterer to be unstacked and cut up for the guests.

Like your wedding dress, the cake is special and the moment you cut into the fluffy consistency and layers, you may become overwhelmed with emotion as your married life is about to begin!

Choosing the wedding cake: some inspirations

Choosing a wedding cake seems an easy and fun duty, but it actually isn’t that easy! There are so many different kinds of cakes and, also, trends are constantly changing. New ideas often come from the most famous cake designers and VIP weddings, but of course, creating your own custom cake is the best plan!

 The cake tasting is usually the groom’s favourite moment, isn’t it? But we’re pretty sure you’ll find out that choosing a cake is hard! There so many options to think about: flavour, shape, size, decorations, colours and so on.

May we advise you on something? Pick a flavour of cake to cut into that will not stain your teeth or lips, a serious consideration for photographic reasons, right? You don’t want to have the photos of your first taste immortalized with red or black coloured lips and teeth! This moment is one of the favorite to be captured, so, make sure to let your photographer know your specifics of what you would like to have shot.

Do you prefer a traditional pose of the two of you cutting the cake together or a more documentary style? A close-up of your hands maybe?

Just make sure to share your thoughts to live a perfect moment without thinking about what the pictures will look like.

Also, check with your planners, the caterer or baker if there are any special instructions to make the first cut correctly avoiding to place the knife in the wrong spot and causing a cake disaster! Remember to use the knife as well and not the server, the cut will be much cleaner!

Traditional wedding cakes

As for traditions, we strongly believe that “when in Rome do as the Romans do” and it would be important to us for you to consider a choice based on the local specialty. We have so many Italian traditional pies and pastries which maybe should be more considered while making the choice on the wedding cake.

Surely, your eyes are wandering around thinking about which other cakes we have except for the tiramisu!

Well, that’s not the only one, we also have beautiful fruit tarts, the “millefoglie”, the “torta delizia” made of almond paste and a very classic “mimosa” cake which can also be easily coordinated with some other decorations of the wedding.

However, today’s globalization gives couples much more freedom and a great variety of cake to choose from. We will, of course, find out the best solution in case you will opt for the traditional American tiered sponge cake covered in frosting and fondant, the choice is all yours!

Latest trends for the wedding cake

In the last few years, we’ve seen the rustic style “naked cake” to the forefront of wedding trends. The naked cake is simply an American tiered cake, frosted between the layers and left bare on the outside, creating a naked effect.

It can be decorated with fresh flowers or seasonal fruits, guaranteeing a rustic, country-chic style.

The traditional Italian “millefoglie” is made of delicate puff pastry and it is then layered with pastry cream. It is quite a popular choice here in Italy, as it is extremely delicious! Decorated with soft powdered sugar and fresh berries, it really is impossible to resist.

Another recent trend is the live preparation of the “millefoglie” by a master pastry chef in front of the wedding couple and their guests just before the cake cutting. It’s a unique idea that lets everyone participate, making the moment even more memorable, fun and appealing.

Wedding cake traditions for good luck

So, as you have read, there are plenty of choices for wedding cakes, yet one constant remains: the respect of traditions.

According to the tradition, the bride and groom must save the top tier, or the first slice of their wedding cake, carefully freezing it and then eat it on their first anniversary, Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve! Apparently, it is said to bring good fortune to your wedding.

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