Eco friendly wedding: ideas for the planning

In recent years, attention to our planet’s sustainability has grown exponentially. The green revolution has now arrived in the wedding industry too. Let’s share some ideas you can easily put in place to have an eco friendly wedding.

How to plan an eco friendly wedding

When planning a wedding, people don’t usually consider the waste their event will potentially create. However, things changed and in the XXI century lots of brides and grooms care for the environment and ask specifically for a waste free wedding.

To plan an eco friendly wedding means considering every element of the event and finding a solution to make it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Catering service, location, decorations… everything has an impact, even your wedding outfits and the wedding favors.

How to make your wedding sustainable

You may have to think outside the box a little bit, but, don’t worry we are here to help you. The first important tip we can give you to make your wedding eco friendly is to avoid plastic as much as you can. Instead, choose natural raw materials such as wood, glass, paper, leather.

Be inspired by the environment all around you and use local resources, for example in Tuscany there is olive wood in abundance and it is perfect for decorations or to create custom furnishings or centerpieces.

Other green wedding ideas

Flowers are a big part of the wedding decorations, they are a good choice in terms of sustainability, because they are biodegradable, but make sure to select local and seasonal blossoms. Same applies to food and drinks: choose a catering that can offer you local and seasonal ingredients.

As for your wedding dress, you can rent it or use something already in your wardrobe, a simple white cotton dress can do. Anyway if you want to buy a new one for you and your partner, opt for recycled or eco friendly fabrics.

An environment friendly wedding includes a reduced amount of transfers. So, it’s better to plan the ceremony and the reception in the same place: your guests won’t have to use their cars to reach the party and we are sure they will thank you for this. Otherwise, you can plan a single transfer for all your guests inviting them on a kind of party bus.

Wedding favors too can be sustainable, think about gifting your guests with eco friendly soap, organic olive oil and wine, or wood decors.

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