Wedding creative & set designer: role and importance within a wedding planning team

When you imagine your wedding, your mind is filled with images and colors. You have to really understand what the ceremony, the party and every detail will be like, from the printed menu to the color of the candles on the table. That is why to be able to view each part of the event in a realistic way, we use the figure of a wedding creative & set designer!

Why do you need a wedding set designer?

What will those floral arrangements on the altar be like? Is it better to have straight or half-moon chairs for the ceremony? Will the floral arch be too big in that garden? Questions like these are very common among couples because until that exact day they will not be able to know what the decorative elements they have chosen will look like and relying on a wedding planner is of fundamental importance to be reassured about the best choices.

Today, however, we also have the opportunity to offer our couples a visual representation of the event, months before this happens! And that’s exactly what a creative & set designer is all about!

The creative & set designer of Blanc Weddings

Our wedding set designer is Beatrice, who recently joined our team to help our couples realize their most beautiful dream. She studied Scenography in Florence, your passion for art and design is what inspired you the most, learning and developing the know-how useful for planning in the wedding and event industry.

As a set designer, she is involved in the planning of the wedding from the earliest stages, creating together with the planner a detailed presentation of the moodboard, color palette and design which they imagined for the couple based on the indications of the first meeting.

Get a visual presentation of your wedding day

Creating a visual presentation allows couples to focus and clear their minds on what they really like and don’t like. They instantly get a real-life representation of every little detail of their wedding and are able to compare and match all the elements. Plus, making decisions is easier and faster than ever.

The invitations, the design of the ceremony, the floral arrangements, the photobooth, the setting of the tables… are all included in the presentation! The bride and groom have to look and write down what they like most in order to be able to reconnect with the planner and go on with the planning stages.

The importance of set design when planning your wedding

Subsequently, the work of a creative & set designer becomes more technical. Finally, the time has come to visit the wedding location to collect the necessary data for the design of the selected spaces and then elaborate and draw the correct floor plans.

With these data, photographic documentation and the exact measurements of each space, Beatrice develops tailor-made renderings to show the bride and groom what their wedding ceremony and reception will be like with all the specific details they have already chosen. The impact of these detailed simulations on couples is enormous! The bride and groom can finally “see” their wedding day, be sure of everything that will happen, knowing exactly how it will be done.

More information about the creative & set designer

The wedding set designer is an extremely creative person with a lot of experience on materials and styles, production times and combinations. This professional fits perfectly with the skills and expertise of a wedding planner who takes care of finding the best suppliers, the best locations and coordinating the entire event.

A set designer cannot be missing from the wedding planner team. This figure has become fundamental and helps a lot to create a personalized event, tailored to your needs and requests. If you have any other questions about this service, do not hesitate to ask us for information!

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