The First Look: what it is and why it is so romantic!

The first time the groom encounters the eyes of his beloved is an unforgettable and exciting moment. That is why more and more couples decide to have a more intimate First Look. Do you know what it is? We will tell you everything!

What is the First Look?

The First Look at your wedding is the moment in which the eyes of the future bride meet those of her future groom. It is a special moment because, for the first time, the groom sees the bride in her wedding gown. Very often, the emotion is so strong that it is not possible to hold back tears. Tears of joy, of course!

This is a growing trend, and couples from all over the world decide to meet privately before reaching the altar and celebrating their wedding.

Where to organize your First Look

Since it is a very romantic moment, the ideal is to organize this important engagement in a very intimate place. Consider that the photos that will be taken during the First Look will be so special. That’s why the background has to be perfect.

If you get married in Tuscany, for example, the ideal can be planning your First Look in an exclusive and intimate corner of the wedding venue. A terrace, a garden, or a cozy room can be the corner where you will meet each other.

First Look, photos we love the most!

Although it is a relatively new tradition, more and more couples decide to organize a First Look. Our team has already planned many of these moments, and we love it!

To make everything perfect, so that the photos are memorable, our advice is to make the groom wait in a hidden corner of the wedding venue. He will be turned away, waiting for the arrival of the bride, so he can only see her at the last second when she will be a few steps away. We guarantee you that the shots of the moments before the meeting and those at the exact moment you will see each other will be the most beautiful ever.

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