Wedding trends 2023: everything you need to know

We are a team of wedding planners in Tuscany and we are always in search of new trends for our couples. This is why we have written our usual annual guide with our advice on wedding trends in 2023. Discover with us everything you need to know!

Wedding 2023: news and trends not to be missed

Planning a wedding requires a good amount of organization and attention to detail. In addition, as the industry is constantly changing, it is important to know the newest trends. That is why we thought about a checklist of wedding trends to keep in mind for 2023.

First of all, the wedding venue. The newlyweds continue to choose more intimate spaces, preferring gathered ceremonies. Another increasingly common choice is the so-called midweek wedding. Sustainability is also meaningful and can be achieved by choosing local suppliers.

Wedding Trend 2023: remember to customize with your style

Whatever style you choose for your wedding, keep colors in mind. From pastel patterns to bright shades, flowers, fabrics and colorful accessories will dominate the entire season of weddings in 2023.

Ceremonies, receptions, flowers, and the set up of wedding venues and mise en place will have a single goal: amaze guests and make them live unforgettable moments. But remember, the trump card for every future newlywed is the customization of details. Our team is ready to help you on this aspect, too!

Bridal dress 2023

Are you still confused about the choice of your bridal dress? Don’t worry. It is normal! And if you need it, we are also here to help you with that. In the meantime, we have prepared a small guide to 2023 wedding dress trends that could be helpful to you.

One of the undisputed protagonists is the short and jaunty dress, accompanied by elegant accessories such as bows or flowers. Among the most requested styles, also the V-neck dress. Colors are preferred over the most classic white dress. Whatever your choice, you will understand what your dream dress is once you wear it.

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