Wedding trends for 2022

In 2022 we are expecting a wedding boom with lots of celebrations taking place both during the week and on weekends. Here we have collected a quick guide to the wedding trends for 2022, hope you enjoy our advice!

Celebrate the wedding in 2022

After the pandemic period, couples are now fully aware of the challenges that planning a wedding brings out, and are starting to rely much more on wedding planners seeking for help, guidance, and support. Also, brides and grooms care much more about safety, comfort and intimacy.

Huge celebrations with hundreds of guests will still be rare in 2022 favoring a more intimate atmosphere between the wedding couple and their family and friends. People are looking forward to celebrating but still in small groups and mostly in open-air locations.

Main trends for wedding colors and florals in 2022

The wedding palette of 2022 takes inspiration by the soft tones of nature. Green, in every shade, is coming forward as a leading color, also earthy tones are on top of the couples’ favorites. Timeless palettes, such as the nature-inspired ones, will definitely rule the scene in 2022.

In 2022, floral design will include unconventional flowers more and more. Pampas grass is still trendy, while dried flowers and leaves are stepping on the scene combined with fresh or seasonal flowers. Huge floral compositions are a thing of the past, couples are focusing on more detailed compositions that will be located in strategic places of the church, the banquet and the party.

The wedding dress of 2022

The latest bridal fashion week has highlighted some new and interesting trends for 2022. Bridal suits and separates, that were introduced in 2020, will be back again giving brides the opportunity to wear a new, but timeless, look. Unconventional colors are coming back on the scene as well. No more “white only”, brides can fully express their personalities and create their own look for the aisle.

Ruffles and ribbons, halter necklines, and corsets are other upcoming trends in bridal fashion. However, romantic and classic dresses will never be forgotten, they are still a favorite of brides from all over the world.

Sustainability in the weddings of 2022

Sustainability is now an important theme for the wedding couples. The industry too is starting to change its usual behaviors and offer some more sustainable options for the menu, the dress, the floral decorations. Seasonality of food and florals, combined with local origin, is something couples require more often than ever, and singles portions too. This is to avoid wasting food during the banquet and an excessive use of resources.

Plastic free weddings are approaching the scene and will probably be a reality in a few years. Usually, weddings are big events with big waste but there is a wind of change coming up and 2022 will only be the beginning.

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