Civil marriage in Italy: how to, step by step

Have you heard about civil marriage in Italy but do not know what it really means, especially how to organize it? Read our article to find out, step by step, the necessary documents and requirements.

What is a civil ceremony in Italy?

A civil ceremony is a non-religious marriage of two people. It takes place in a non-religious setting, such as the Municipality building of the city you have chosen for getting married or in a venue approved by the local town hall.

This kind of rite must be performed in the Italian language by the Mayor, or a civil registrar. Besides, if no one speaks Italian, there must be an official interpreter. According to Italian law, in addition to the spouses and the celebrant, at least two witnesses must be present to sign the documents together with the married couple.

Civil marriage in Italy for foreigners

Despite appearances, getting married in Italy from abroad is pretty simple. Obviously, it is necessary that all the documents and requirements will be in order, according to Italian law. How to?
Our tip is to rely on a wedding planner because we have all the information regarding the legal requirements for a wedding in Italy.

Whatever country you come from, you won’t have to worry about looking for any paperwork. This is our job, and we regularly ask Embassies or Consulates of different countries for the most accurate info.

Documents for civil marriage in Italy

According to the country of origin, the required documents to get married in Italy vary, but generally the legal paperwork concerns:

  • Nulla Osta
  • Birth Certificate
  • Atto notorio
  • Certificate of capacity to marry
  • Sword Statement, and so on.

Moreover, according to Italian law, to get married in Italy, you must be over 18.

How to personalized a civil marriage in Italy

As we have already said, civil marriage is performed by the Mayor or a person authorized to do it. The ceremony consists of reading articles from the Italian civil code and marriage vows. Generally, it lasts 20 or 30 minutes. But this does not mean that you cannot personalize it!

On the contrary, you can custom the entire ceremony with music, your exchange of promises, the reading of poems, or the intervention of your friends or family. Moreover, remember that lots of Italian Municipality buildings are stunning places where you can set up awesome wedding ceremonies.

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