How to make your wedding feel like a photo portrait

Photos and videos are essential parts for capturing memorable scenes of your special wedding day! They have the power and the strength to make you relive the emotions of that special day, again and again. It is extremely important to choose the right photographer, according to your needs and tastes.

Wedding photos "No Pose" style

In this kind of wedding, the photographer is a professional who moves for the entire event with total autonomy and discretion, almost not to perceive his/her presence.

The result will be a photo shoot in which every moment of the ceremony and reception appears through images and emotions, without the bride and groom having ever posed or looked directly into the camera. What should newlyweds do? Just enjoy their special day and have fun with friends and family. The photographer will take care of everything else.

Classic Style Wedding photos

On the contrary, if you prefer smiling and posing for wedding photos with your family and friends, then you have to choose the so-called classic and timeless style.

In this kind of photo, the entire event is told in a gentle but formal way. The result will be an elegant and refined photo shoot, in which grace and classiness are the main components. Everything will be perfect and your happiness will last forever!

Editorial Style Wedding photos

Another kind of wedding style for the shooting is the editorial one, almost like a fashion magazine. It is such a particular style, not so frequent, but really impressive.
You have to choose a photographer specializing in it because it is a very particular technique.

The result will be a photo shoot with a high-end and luxurious feel. You will be the protagonist of a photo shoot for a magazine cover.

Perfect mix style wedding photos

Do you like each type of photo style presented earlier? The best choice for you is a mix of different styles, so you have “stolen photos”, “posing photos” and “editorial style photos”.
It represents the perfect balance between dynamism and formality, and it is one of the most requested styles for wedding photos.

Simplicity, happiness, elegance, formality and classiness will be the right mix to tell a wedding.

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