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Our experience as a destination wedding planner allowed us to meet and work closely with some of the best wedding professionals in the area. Today we want to introduce Alessandro and Eugenia, wedding photographers and videographers in Tuscany, who kindly answered a few questions about their work and provided some advice for future wedding couples.

How did your career as a wedding photographer start?

Studio Righi was born in 1954, and has always been an institution.

Myself and Eugenia, my colleague, we both started our careers very young as soon as we became part of the studio (even though this happened in different decades) learning from classic tradition and then bringing our fresh vision. Our inspiration keeps on being fed by working also in fashion, design, art and publishing.

What are the ideal ingredients for successful wedding photos?

Light first of all. Light is everything in photography in general. It was everything in the paintings of the past and in the arts from where our inspirations come from.

The right light can exalt beauty and make the difference together with composition, creativity, capturing the moment, understanding deeply and being inspired by who we have in front of the camera.

How would you describe your way of work during the wedding day?

At the studio, we like to understand the wishes of our brides and grooms, and be inspired by their love story. We like to be very discreet when we capture the moment but also present when our direction is needed.

Every moment is captured in a different way based on the inspiration of the moment, we like to follow a vision and be inspired by the many ingredients that every moment can offer.

Which is your favorite moment of the day?

Eugenia and myself, we agree in saying that every different moment is our favorite moment, as every wedding is unique and could have a different approach.

We love the beauty couples glow when together in front of our cameras, we love the intimacy of the getting ready enhanced by the chiaroscuro of the indoors lighting, we love that uncontrollable emotion of the walk down the aisle, we love the spontaneous gestures during the ceremony or the dinner, we love the magic of the set-ups, we love the tears, the smiles, the laughs, we love the beauty and the atmosphere that only that special day can have.

What if the bride and groom are not at ease in front of the camera?

Most of the time it is like that, but we have never had a problem as from the very beginning we try to create a very relaxed atmosphere in which the bride and the groom do not feel to be on a set but just in the most natural and spontaneous moment of their special day.

We usually have a lot of fun together, this is what later our brides and grooms say to us.

What shall a couple be looking for when choosing your photo service?

If you are choosing us it is because you share with us the value of having high quality timeless memories with a great aesthetic and emotional power. This is what it is written on our website and what we truly believe in:

“How many pictures pass on your phone every day? How many of these remain in your memories? We want to slow you down to still excite you in front of a precious image, to savour every detail made of light, every sensation gathered in the shade, to stop time. The satisfaction of touching a fine art print, the experience of leafing through an album, of having precious and solid materials in your hands, a substance in an inconsistent world… We want to give you a timeless memory, a deep memory and unique, unforgettable images.”

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