Wedding catering in Tuscany

Top quality food and wine are a priority for lots of couples coming to Tuscany for their wedding day. It is not just the atmosphere they are looking for, it is an exclusive experience among traditional recipes and lifestyle! We regularly help couples in finding the perfect wedding catering in Tuscany, here are some more information.

Food and wine experience at your Tuscan wedding

The wedding banquet is a crucial part of the event, probably the one that guests remember and appreciate more, so it must be cared for in every detail. However, when getting married in Italy, especially Tuscany, food and wine are top priorities and there is no problem in finding banqueting and catering professionals.

We have been collaborating with some of the top quality catering in Tuscany for a very long time. Over the years we had the opportunity to see them in action and appreciate their professionalism as well as their cuisine.

Contemporary Tuscan cuisine will surprise you!

With the help of a professional catering company, you can customize the wedding menu according to your preferences, to the seasonal products and to the theme of the event. We make sure that all the ingredients are top quality, the best available on the market. As for recipes, you can choose among a variety of international, Italian, and Tuscan recipes. Contemporary cuisine and detailed presentation will leave your guests pleasantly surprised!

Vegetarian and vegan catering in Tuscany

In the last few years, Tuscan wedding caterers have evolved to include vegetarian and vegan options in every menu. It is now common for the chefs to review traditional recipes by putting meat aside and replacing it with vegetarian or vegan options that are just as tasty.

Of course, the same attention and care is given to food allergies and intolerances. Each necessity and each preference can be satisfied even when it comes to respecting religious traditions, for example with the kosher cuisine and halal cuisine.

Exclusive cocktail corner

Besides the wedding banquet, even the bar service is an essential part of the wedding day, both at the reception and at the party. We encourage couples to always rely on professional bartenders to make sure to fulfill any request of their guests. Also, a professional can add some entertainment at the bar corner when performing incredible tricks with glasses and bottles.

Another great idea is to invent a signature cocktail according to the preferences and requests of the couple. You will have your own cocktail just for the occasion!

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