Wedding invitation: Advice from our wedding planners

Every wedding is unique and can be customized in different ways. According to the event style, wedding invitations are one of the most important aspects because they represent the first element of the wedding stationery. Fun shapes, sustainable materials, and hand-painted artwork are just some ideas to customize your wedding invitations. Read more to discover some great tips!

What do you write on your wedding invitation?

First of all, do you know the tone of your wedding? Would it be formal or casual? For the content, you have to write the main information about your wedding: date and hour, and the name of the wedding venue or the different places that will host your ceremony and reception.

Moreover, there is another important thing to write on wedding invitations. Ask your guests to confirm their presence by a specific date. So, you will know in time the final number of participants. How can you do it? Use the “RSVP” (Répondez s’il vous plaît) formula. It is an important aspect, mostly if you are going to plan a destination wedding.

Wedding invitation ideas: How can you make it unique

There’s a lot more to your invitations than what they’re printed on. One of our favorite styles is hand-painted artwork because it is unique and one of a kind. We love wedding invitations that reflect the event style and color palette.

But what we like even more is to personalize invitations with paintings that reproduce the wedding venue or monuments of the city where the ceremony will take place. Many couples that will marry in Florence with love creating wedding invitations with the city skyline or the Tuscan hills. A very original idea!

Wedding card design and how to make it perfect

Thanks to our experience, we work with the best professional partners for bespoke wedding stationeries. According to your wishes, invitations are hand-made by calligraphers and painters. The result is incredible and will amaze you!

Once you have decided on the most appropriate style for the event, you will touch with your hands the creations of a bespoke and artisanal process, which will speak of you, your love, and the best day of your life. Are you ready to start planning with us?

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