Budget Management

This is always a very delicate subject at the beginning of the planning but, as you can imagine, we need to start from somewhere so, do you have a precise budget that you need to respect at all costs? At Blanc Weddings we are very skilled at matching your wishes and visions with the budget that is at disposal.

Budget managing for the wedding

Managing the budget for an event requires specific skills and experience that our wedding planners have. When it comes to supervise a wedding budget, part of our duty is to show you the best deals and how to stick to what was planned for a service or another.

That is why during the years we have acquired a deep knowledge of which are the best suppliers to work with in order to satisfy any request. We can work together on alternatives as long as it takes to arrive at something that best satisfy our couple’s needs.

Wedding budget management

Rely on our experience and you won’t be disappointed! All we need is for you to give us a clear budget limit and explain on which services you wish to invest more, is it for the caterer or maybe for the floral decorations? For the entertainment or for the location?

We will develop your idea together and the rest is upon us. We are able to offer many vendors alternatives to match your budget limit, so, no need to worry.

Using the budget for needs and prioritizes

Every choice will be discussed with you and if anything could potentially exceed the set budget, we will communicate it to you and make sure everything is checked with you before any confirmation or cancellation of services.

Our experience allows us to understand the needs and prioritize what we think it’s most important. Nevertheless, you will always be updated and receive regular budget plan for you to keep everything under control!

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