Getting married in Italy in 2022 and beyond: what the future holds

Despite recent years, Italy is still one of the most popular destinations for weddings and luxury events. What to expect from a wedding in Italy in 2022? Here, we try to give you some answers!

What to expect from weddings in Italy in the upcoming years

The latest wedding seasons were deeply affected by the global restrictions on travels and people gatherings. Lots of couples decided to postpone their wedding date, waiting for better times, instead of performing low-key ceremonies. Fears and worries of brides and grooms increased a little, while the figure of the local wedding planner has become more and more significant and appreciated.

Right now, things are trying to go back to normal, or at least, people are now understanding and coping much better with global regulations. 2022 will definitely be a “wedding renaissance”! Destination weddings in Italy are booming again and dates are running out.

The wedding boom in Tuscany and Italy

Italy, and especially Tuscany, are on top of the list when it comes to favorite wedding destinations. Despite a global pandemic, with our help, lots of couples managed to reach our country and get married in beautiful settings even in the last two years. 2022 will be no different!

We are getting ready for a wedding boom. Postponed weddings from 2020 and 2021 occupy lots of weekend dates between May and October, then, of course, there are this year’s wedding couples willing to perform their event at any cost, but if you are flexible with weekdays this year is still to be considered.

New trends for 2022’s weddings

As we said, dates for weddings in Italy and Tuscany in 2022 are very popular, many events will take place on weekdays too. Wedding trends also include a preference for outdoor ceremonies and a short guest list. Many requests of brides and grooms involve no more than 50 guests: just the family and the closest friends.

Elopements and micro-weddings are experiencing a boom too. Couples alone, or with just a few guests (mostly their kids, parents or best friends), search for the help of a local wedding planner to have an intimate wedding in Tuscany or in another Italian destination.
These kinds of weddings are easier to manage when restrictions are changing constantly, and eventually easier to postpone.

How to successfully get married in Italy in 2022

The best way to successfully get married in Italy in 2022 is by relying on a wedding planner. Local and expert wedding planners will always be up to date with regulations and can advise you in making the best choices according to them. There is nothing to worry about when you have such a professional by your side!

The Italian wedding industry never stopped and is now working more than ever to fulfill all the requests. Our best advice? Start planning your wedding as soon as possible and don’t lose your hope, we’ll manage to realize all your dreams!

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