Wedding entertainment ideas for ceremony and reception

Entertainment is a huge part of your wedding day and it needs some planning just like any other detail of the event. Music is one of the main protagonists, here we give you some advice about bands, dj, quartets and trios.

Selecting the wedding entertainment

Lots of couples decide for the wedding entertainment at the last moment. That’s not completely wrong, since it mostly depends on the general style and mood of the event. Anyway, couples risk giving up their favorite music or entertainment due to this lack of planning.

The most common choices are bands or classical musicians like piano, violin or saxophone players. These are also the artists who are busier during the wedding season and the hardest to book last minute.

Wedding bands

They bring energy to the party, but are a poor choice for the ceremony. Over the years wedding bands have specialized in specific kinds of music genre and now you can find a wide range of options. In Tuscany, and Italy, there are wedding bands of any kind: elegant, classic, vintage, pop, 90s-style, and more.

A wedding band can substitute a DJ for both reception and party, but can hardly perform in a church. You can agree with the band members on a playlist or just let them play their best tracks only adding some of your favorite songs for the special moments.

Wedding pianist, violinist or saxophonist

Classical music is always a good choice, especially if you are planning a traditional wedding. Musicians like pianist, violinist and saxophonist can play solo or in a group of three to four members. Classical is not the only genre of music they play, modern and popular songs can also be part of the playlist.

It’s easy to include even a singer or a vocalist within the group to enrich the atmosphere. Depending on the ceremony you are planning on, a solo musician or a trio can easily perform even in churches, synagogues, mosquee.

Wedding DJ

The DJ is a classical choice especially among young couples who invite their friends to the wedding and plan on a wild party after the reception. You are gonna need a dancefloor and a DJ station… so carefully consider the space available at the venue.

Make sure to talk to the DJ and agree on the style and mood of the music for every moment of the event. What kind of atmosphere would you like for the cake cutting? And for the first dance? These details need to be defined in advance, you can ask the DJ to arrange a playlist and share it with you before the wedding.

Wedding entertainment during meals

When welcoming your guests to the aperitif, during the lunch or the dinner, a background entertainment helps everyone feel at ease. Music is a good option, but it’s not the only one. To entertain people you can contact an acrobatic bartender who can easily surprise your guests and delight them with custom-made cocktails. Vintage food trucks are also fun and entertaining for a lively and young event.

Other entertainment options for your wedding

So, music is not the only way to entertain your guests at the wedding. According to your budget and the space available at the venue, you can have a real talent show: dancers, circus artists, magicians…

Other beautiful options are the ones that leave your guests with a present they can preserve as memory of the event. We are talking about live painting artists and photo booth corners.

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