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One you’ve found your perfect dress with the perfect shoes, it’s the right time to complete the look with a hairstyle and make-up inspiration that pulls it all together. Hair stylists and make-up artists are key professionals in weddings. Very few are the brides who renounce to style their hair and do a special make-up for their big day and, we are sure, even grooms are willing to stand out! This can be a delicate choice, but we are here to suggest you some of the best Italian hair stylists and makeup artists.

Wedding hair stylists and make-up artists

Taking care of hairstyle and make-up is essential for every bride… and groom. It is all part of the preparation time and it increase the emotion and expectations of the day. It is a matter of fact that these services not only enhance the natural beauty of the brides but also make them feel more confident when walking down the aisle and facing all the family members and friends.

The wedding couple is going to be at the center of attention for the entire day, so both, bride and groom, deserve to stand out and have a unique and special style! Relying on professional and experienced hair stylists and makeup artists can truly make a difference.

Hairstyle and makeup expert’s advice

When planning a wedding, hairstyle and make-up choices are not just details. They must integrate well with the mood, the colors and style of the entire event as well as with the wedding dress.

Our team can help you making the best choices by presenting you many beauty professionals with portfolios to choose from, with whom every couple will be able to talk to define the style depending on their likings.

Trial session for hairstyle and makeup

We normally set up a trial session not to leave anything to chance so that every bride can show her inspirational pictures or styles and the expert can match the desired taste with all the products and comfort of the bride to be.

Having an expert at disposal during the preparation will allow the creation of a custom hairstyle and make-up just for you! To make you feel comfortable and beautiful for the whole day. Grooms also like to have just a trim before the big day, we can make an appointment directly at the location or at the hotel a couple of days before the wedding to make sure they look at ease during the whole day of celebration.

Beauty professionals for the wedding

Also, don’t forget that, beside taking care of the bride and the groom, beauty professionals can define the makeup and the hairstyle even for some special guests like the bride’s mother and the bridesmaids. Many are the packages offered in case you would like to cuddle your closest guests.

Sharing the preparations with the ones you love the most will be relaxing, fun and calming. No stress, no anxieties, just you and your girls getting ready together while enjoying a glass of champagne!

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